Release Notes

As we are always updating Simplekits, we wanted a place to list all of our exciting changes, fixes and additions. Anything from small bug fixes, component additions or new feature implementations.

Version 2.1

Since launch we have gotten some amazing feedback from our customers about things they may want or feel would be beneficial, as well a sa few bug reports.

  • A button variant was acting funny after toggling some variants.

  • Made the base-text size 1px bigger across the board

  • Added more variations for the pricing cards

  • Added more variations for the "blog" cards

  • Designed more pre-made sections & components

Version 2.0

After Figma announced it's brand new variant feature, as well as a revamp to their existing Auto-Layout feature, we decided it was worth giving the entire system an overhaul. Too many changes to list, but here are a few of the biggest/most exciting.

  • Created a bunch of variants and a nested-hierarchy system

  • Re-created all components to make use of the new, powerful Auto-Layout feature.

  • Redesigned & Restyled the entire system to make it a bit more modern out of the box

  • Implemented a color-shade system allowing for easier creation of color palettes

  • Designed a whole lot more components, premade elements & even premade sections ready to slot into your design.

  • And a whole lot more that you can see by checking out our demo file.

Version 1.X - (Archived)

Version 1 of simplekits has since been archived as we move into version 2. Version 1 was missing some new features released by Figma and we feel our newer version does everything version 1 did and more.

  • Archived the old system

  • Updated the products on the store

  • Sent out an update to all customers that they can download the new version here at