An adaptable design system UI kit.

It’s time to stop remaking every component from scratch and start using a design system that has the most common components ready to go so that you can get straight to the creative stuff.

Design faster for $40

Made for Figma

If you would like more examples, inspiration or tips, check out our twitter! @simplekits_

Easy to edit or customize the entire system.

Unlike many UI Kits out there, we want you to be able to quickly and effortlessly edit the kit to match the style you want.

Thanks to our component hierarchy system, you can do just that without having to spend hours changing each and every component.

Quickly design components & pages.

Our modular system allows you to not only use the elements of the kit as is but bring together multiple elements together to create your component, section or page. Think of it likes a design version of everyone’s favourite childhood block-building brand.

Plenty of pre-made elements to get you started.

We understand that not everyone feels confident designing their own components, elements or pages. That is why we have created (and continue to create) many pre-made elements and sections ready for you to use in your own project.

A few reasons

Why you’ll love Simplekits

Save time

No longer waste hours redesigning the same components with every new project. Simplekits has already done the heavy lifting for you.

Keep it consistent

It is essential to make sure your design is consistent. Thanks to our design system understanding, component hierarchy, and style guide, it will be.

Best practices

We follow all the industry standards such as 8pt grid, bootstrap layouts and more so that you have a kit that looks and feels professional.

Modular components

We’ve created our components with modularity in mind. Meaning you can combine multiple components together to create larger, more complex ones.

Easy to customize

Simplekits allows you to update the styles and tweak the entire system to how you need it as simple as possible, without hindering your creativity.

Smart Components

We have taken full advantage of Figmas powerful features to bring you even more powerful components without making it any less simple.

Ready to make design fast whilst keepin’ it simple?

Are you ready to stop redesigning the button, stop re-creating new color and text styles from scratch for every new project and stop wrestling with clunky, pre-styled, restrictive UI Kits? Ready to jump into projects with the foundation already laid out so that you can get right into the creative stuff?

Full Design System
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Type & Color Styleguide
  • 1000+ Components
  • Growing Pre-Built Library
  • Full Design System Kit
  • All Future Kit Updates

Design faster for $48

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions?
We have answers

What makes Simplekits different to a normal UI Kit?

Well, typically speaking UI kits are heavily styled and designed with a specific use in mind. Simplekits is designed to be used across all projects, regardless of the use case. To achieve this we keep the designs simple and easy to update, restyle and customize to fir any and every project.

Is Simplekits hard to use?

As with it’s name, it is very Simple. You can use it out of the box, update colors and fonts using our pre-made styles, or customize components as much or as little as you want!

I’m not a designer, can I use Simplekits?

For sure. Aslong as you have a basic understanding in Figma (or ready to learn) you can use Simplekits to build beautiful designs. We include a “Get Started” guide with every kit to help you get up to speed on how to use our kit.

What support of you offer?

We offer help with anything you may be struggling to understand, use or setup when using Simplekits. You can also Tweet us your designs and we are happy to give our 2 cents!

What is #SimpleSnippets?

We want to show off what can be achieved with Simplekits, so we post regular updates using the #SimpleSnippets hashtag showing off what can be created using Simplekits. Anything we post i sthen added to the Pre-Built page inside the kit itself for everyone to use.

I have feedback and/or suggestions

Awesome! We love all kinds of feedback and welcome it along with any suggestions you have that can help us improve our kit. You can fill in this form to make sure it gets to the right hands.

What sort of updates can I expect?

We have so much more we want to add to Simplekits, and with such have a roadmap of features we want to implement, which can be seen here. When an update is released, you will recieve an email notifying you!

Why is Simplekits not available for Sketch or XD?

Our focus was to make a strong, robust Design System that utilizes all the features the software has to offer. To do that properly, we focused on releasing on Figma first, but do plan on building a version of Simplekits for Sketch next, followed by Adobe XD shortly after.

Do you have any other products?

Not yet, but we do plan on not only expanding this kit, but making more in the future. Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on everything we are up to!